Buy Their He**

IMG_20180705_184443_763.jpgDid the sky open up yet?

Did it tell most of you narcissists, you’re God yet?

Did you put enough people on back up? (I bet)

To tuck away then bring out to play (like a set)

Of golf clubs

I’m spent

From running fools like you in circles

I’m bent

Trying to make you see the cycle isn’t worth this

I’m sent

To help those who observe it

My motives are chosen from a life  of being broken

Trying to counteract the lack of compassion being spoken

find all those still hoping

The world will change

And not be stolen

By the narcissists…

The narcissists

who want us to soak in ourselves

Try to buy their hell

let our brains swell

with arrogance..

Try to gain some kind of clarity

From a created fallacy

But It’s insanity, you see?

To be afraid

to see your own reality

And be proud to stay an illusion of everything you ought to be.


Thanks for reading! You all make my day! ❤️

















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