Can’t Believe You

I can’t believe you, playing victim to

Every chick that’s into you

Most be nice to fool,

everyone into thinking you’re cool

But this ain’t preschool

setting some ground rules

Dare to cross the boundaries I set

You best better bet

You will wake up, always in a cold sweat

Cuz I’m the lady you go to war with, not against

By the way, you sleeping without any rest?

Hope your brain can’t make sense

Then they ask you questions to test your intellect

Like you did to me when I was under enough of your distress

you are full of nonsense

Bringing in all the evil into this world, hellbent

On breaking the luminous spirits, that are sent

To protect your victims

To protect your victims

Better repent to yourself..


One mistake

And your fate

Will be trapped inside four walls

And every woman safe

So come and find me

I’ll put an end to your misery…

Watch them put the cuffs on

While I’m proud to be me…


I can’t believe you, playing a victim to

Everyone who will listen

but they ain’t hearing you

I hope you realize, you’re a tool

They act like they care, then talk crap about you

The kind of people who need a new world view

But take every chance to misconstrue

Every aspect of themselves

to look like an angel

Then run like hell when the devil sits at their table…

Acting like they’re better, for creating a fable

Groups like this, are really unstable

Y’all need to sit in a corner until you’re able

To stop projecting your crap on each other, like enablers

And anyone who cares, has to turn the tables..

But I might just tip the thing over when I’m able

Keep poking the lion, find out if she’s capable?















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