Wandering Eyes


I thought I finally found my home

Then you left me feeling alone

Crying with my broken bones

Afraid you would hear me

Go ahead throw your stones

But can i ask:

Where oh where did the man I love go?

Did he ever exist?

Or was it all just going to be a blow

To my head?

To a head

Already filled with lead

As words from the past

Still haunt me in bed

Telling me I’m as good as dead

To you

Such a fool I was to not protect the few

Pieces I had left of me

Now I see

I wasn’t free

In your arms

couldn’t let it be

The fabricated story

While all the girls around could see

You never would love someone like me

Eyes so cold

Always wandering

for the next prize to be

feeling so stupid now

I expected you to be…












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