Oh, Silly Me.

Silly me to think you would marry me

Silly me to think I found someone real to me

I don’t throw words to get in your head, you see?

You toss them around like a rehearsed scheme of mediocrity

Then say the same quote to all of us like it’s some kinda joke

Male feminist with no respect for a woman who is reasonably broke

Hitting on younger chicks,

Actin’ like you own your s***

But just a bloke sitting on your mama’s couch

Only go to the bar when you leave the house

And  let us not forget

How you’re creepy?

It’s not pretty

see through your fallacy

Don’t step to me

Or I’ll see you go straight to the penitentiary

Cuz your only goal is building a distorted reality

Just let me be or I’ll bring down the roof with glee

Cuz you have plenty of dem trees

That was a clever play on words

but can you understand me?

I’m not scared, paid my past due fees

come to my door,

I’ll deliver the consequences from before

You intimidated me

nothing but a coward in a sea of scoundrels

Grabbing onto the weak so you can gain power

To abuse, use, toss away, and bruise

Then blame me when I wake up from the curse you pursue

Now go ahead get back to your muse

a mirror image of yourself

So good luck you fool

Attention seeking, cheating, demeaning

Let’s see if you play cool

When someone plays by your own rules


Funny thing is you think you’re on top

Meanwhile I’m perfecting myself, so stop

You’re just giving me fuel

Trying to make me your tool

Bout to come out from hiding,

had enough of playing it cool


Silly me to think you’d just back off

Silly me to think you could have self doubt

In your eyes they all want to know what you’re about

But really they’re tired of you, so go shout

Even louder

Get a crowd here

Attract everyone who likes beer

You’re so typical

So freakin’ bored

Have no hobbies besides being a wh*re

I talked up your ex wife, found out more

Of your lies and its no surprise

She punched a hole through your door

Should have told her before about the girl who was more

you create cycles that always end

So everyone’s will you can bend

But it’s something else,

Ends with someone trying to kill themselves

After accepting your so called help

Go ahead take the next girl off the shelf

Doll her up into someone else

Tell her shes beautiful then tell her she needs help

Unconsciously I hope you feel like crap about yourself

Cuz sometimes it’s necessary to look at oneself

When you always put your games onto everyone else

But I have to thank you

For reminding me how much I’m due

How many people I’ve been nice to

To end up thinking how I could I end up blue?

Even more nonexistent to fools?

But maybe I’m just pretending to be dead

Using grey rock method, instead

Of giving you the attention you’re always fed

Good luck sleeping in your bed

Hope the nightmares of what you did to me are like lead

Going into your brain

Now go get sane

Now that you have no one around to blame.








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