Everyone be callin’ me fake

When I defend myself for god’s sake

Got me squirming in my own shoes

Waitin for an earthquake

Want to watch the ground open up

Then swallow me up, call it fate

Instead, I somehow end up holding on to the ledge

Pulling myself up with the strength they said

I didn’t have left

And it’s sad that

You think you’re the best U bet

So go ahead bring dem sheep

ain’t no gangsta with your adolescent peeps

I’ve had enough of it

Watching y’all call yourself god and yell: biiitt…

Shh, I won’t even say it,

Your whole prerogative is I bite the bit

You created inside your mind but in time

You’ll see you’re just blind to yourself

And everyone with some health

Realizes you ain’t fooling anyone else

Go face your fears

what you don’t want to be felt

I’ve had many years alone and now I’m somebody else

Don’t underestimate me or I’ll send you to an asteroid belt

Hopefully ill have enough money someday to see that for myself

I try to help people like you

But I can’t hold your head up to see my point of view

Better get yourself together

Before you become light as a feather

Change is needed like the weather

Or this world will break you into two

It’s just cruel

So cruel

Everyone be callin’ me just a face

Look me up and down then all over the place

Act like I don’t notice and then I make haste

Go back home alone, because their judgments make me wish I had mace

Always end up feeling the same

End up alone in the night

wish some would take away the blame

Instead of hurt me, say I’m unworthy

Overprivileged, when I went without food to eat

No sleep

Feet literally taking away my sanity

While it felt like those who “supported” me,

wouldn’t just let me be

Please stop with the bad energy

There’s enough of it in this world i see

I’m just tryin to stop the bleed,

From all the games played because of my needs

Stop tryin to shame me, agreed?

Deflection is never the key

Find yourself instead of bringing me

inside of your self-created insanity

Cuz I will always want to be free

I will always want to be the real me

I ain’t your doll in some self centered story.

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