Hey Girl

Hey girl,

Why you actin’ so tall like?

Better wipe that grin off your face

You’re all hype

Seen plenty of girls like you before

Not my type

Rather go home and play games

That’s my life

Now go ahead

Take your strife

Write it down on a piece of paper

Shove it down, inside

Cuz being deflective is not nice

Either way I don’t want to hear your name twice

Luck’s on my side

Hear music in my head

While you struggle to get outta your bed

Drunk from the night before

Might as well drink some lead

little Ms. Queen thinks she owns the scene

But only owns a block of a pyramid scheme

Running her mouth

So called living a dream

Had enough of your face

The same self destructive routine

Your embarrassing yourself

Go get help

Spreading your disease

Then trying to be heartfelt

Get mad when people like me

Come out with a belt

Metaphorically whip you

Break you in two

So you know how it felt

Dealing with a the crap that you dealt

For no reason at all

While we already knelt

So go ahead please shut your mouth

All you’ve done is talk some kind of hell

So go ahead please start to yell

Act like I’m bad somehow

For standing up for myself

Not taking your crap like everyone else

I ain’t no puppet you put on your shelf

Hey, girl

Why you acting so tough?

Better quit talking that crap

Before your skies get rough

You may open your mouth

To some rich girl whos had enough

Then end up in court

When she calls out your bluffs

Acting like everyone else is crazy stuff

While you play people like a puppet master

So out of touch

With your own mask you wear so much

Think I’ve had enough

The sky opened up today

Said some spiritual stuff

And I’m miles ahead of you

You should be intimidated

By all the stuff I’ve been through

And survived

In time

I’ll see you fall, you fool

Quit talking yourself up

Go sit in a corner

Get actually cool.

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