I Knew

I knew you’d be the death part of me

Not the whole part though

I’m like a tree

I keep growing, going

my heart behind me

And it’s towing

like a wrecked car for everyone to see

You made sure I’d pay a fee to be free

But you can’t see

You won’t stop my thoughts with fear dear

They’re traveling into different hemispheres of my brain

It’s insane for you to think

I’m done crying these tears

I warn others

Hope they hear

And I don’t even feel sad anymore

I realize it comes from being bored

Bored with a culture that uses numbers to keep score

While I play in a different court

Where hardly anyone ever roars

Realizing there is more

Than scrubbing some floors

Ramen when I walk through a door

Feeling sick, belly aches

Right down to my core

Days are numbered like never before

It’s now it never

So I get off the floor..

Somedays I can’t get outside

Fearing the people in my past

So I just hide

Like a doll in a dress

With no pride

I wish I could push it all inside

But it just comes back up

Cuz I lived in their lies

Some would never accept me

I remember climbing mountains alone

Then getting sent bad energy

So many people think they’re perfect as they be

life isn’t about what you are

But rather what you are trying to be

I will never understand the animosity

They were supposed to have my back, not add hostility

Always feeling some silenced humility

Since I was young,

Been alone in a big world

Without food to eat

No breath to take within

That’s why I can’t only relate

To the people who had similar fate

Tears creep into my eyes

As a lady told me about the hate

She felt just as alone as I did for god’s sake

Stop pushing people to a ledge

Life is not a piece of cake

I wish you could see how we all relate

Instead of keeping your mask on

So no one can take

on the facade you created

To avoid your own fate.

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