Lost You a Long Time Ago

I think I lost you a long time ago

We were younger but I knew

Nothing would be the same after I met you

You were the man who could turn me blue

the man who could make me wait for my queue

But when the chance came again

I realized I never knew you

Only the good part

While the bad broke me in two

Now I can’t even look at myself

Hate if I look too pretty

Because that’s the part you miss of me

And it’s sad you had to compete with me

Fill our relationship full of animosity

But everyone was stupid

According to your reality

Think you’re gods gift to humanity

Your ego ruined us

It was no surprise to me

I never put you down to make you stay with me


Such a silly game to play with someone’s time

You loved me, but hated my mind?

But I couldn’t find anyone you didn’t mind

You get what you give, try being kind


I think I never had a chance

Coming out of a nightmarish romance

Insecurities running wild

While you insinuating I was trash

Repeating things said by my ex

Wounds always being rehashed

Don’t know if you realize I was unattached

Lying in a traumatic aftermath

Now I realize what had been done to me in the past

Don’t think they ever loved me in order for it to last

I hope you’re happy now

Always leaving a bloodbath.

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