Won’t See You

I won’t see you

I walk a straight line

You walk in circles

Never afraid of time

I’m afraid of my own shadow

While you run blind

left me in shadows

Fighting all the truth I’d find

And I thought I had a hand to hold until the end

Didn’t realize it was play and pretend

Didn’t realize I was your doll

In a home I could never mend

Watched you breathe that way at night

Watched you destroy yourself

Telling me it’s alright

Fell into the hole myself

Got out alright

But I had to take the flight…

Back to the only home

I had ever known

I won’t see you

I live in reality

You avoid it

Living a childlike fantasy

I’m afraid to have any self esteem

While you think you’re the best fish in the sea

Left me driven to insanity

Fighting all the walls you put up around me

And I thought I had someone to love

Didn’t realize I’d never be strong enough

Didn’t realize I had to call your bluff

End up leaving

Forcing you finally face: that I had enough.

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