My Way

I don’t really care what you say

I’m going to make it anyway

With or without you, mmkay?

I’m going to do this my way

I sat there with lonely nights

Waiting for you to wake up inside

I pushed myself to have no pride

But now I see the beauty in trying to hide

Away from the lies

And its no suprise

I created my own universe through a demise

To get through all this…

All thisinside

Because it’s all in my head


All in my head

My thoughts create reality

If I just get out of bed

And I keep trying to wake up the others

Sleeping in a fantasy

Because they deserve to know

What lies behind facing reality

I don’t understand what you say

I’m going to keep doing me each day

With or without you, mmkay?

I’m going to do this my way

I cried there with lonely days

Trying to figure out the maze

That was all inside

of you

Until I blew

my own mind in two

You started to be cruel

And still, you can’t see what is ahead of you

Is a tragic fate

Always chasing the superficial

Repeating mistakes

While calling me a fake

Hold on, let me grab the issues

Because I have to congratulate


For turning every issue you had

Into being about me too

When really there are just tools

All around you

All around you

So go call a few

Tell them you’re ready to be a fool

You fall for the ones who aren’t true

But sadly, they’re a reflection of who

You pretend to be.

2 thoughts on “My Way

  1. Thank you! Language does not need to be complicated to convey emotions. Johnny Cash is one of the best song writers, yet his word choice is simplistic. Sometimes, less is more. 🙂

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