Long Days

Long days

Nerve pain nights

It’s alright

I hold on tight

To my own hand

As I always have

Trying to command my destiny

With my feet buried in sand

And all these voices say

It’ll never be enough for some

Painfully, they’re right

That’s why the night

Slows down

That’s why the night always slows down



But I’m tired of the frowns

Tired of people trying to put me down

I’m already crawling on the ground

But safe and sound

Inside my own mind

I promise

In time

I will leave it all behind


Long days

But it’s alright

I hold on tight

To what I have left

An ounce of confidence

And a bunch of time

To make mine

It’s true

Some stay blind in madness

Some create substance

While others look on

Fearful of their resilience

From now on

I’m not giving you the power

For more than an hour of my day

More than an hour of my day.

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