You Only Dry the Tears in Your Eyes

I hope she’s worth all of my scars

But she’s just like you

So you’ll end up back at the bar

Collecting them all

Like they’re monopoly cards

Make sure to give her my pearls

Tell her she’s like the stars

Then shoot her down with your comet

Send her off to Mars

Won’t even admit

The spilt came from far

Before that night

When you drove my car

And it felt like I was with a ghost

While my own engine couldn’t start….


All I wanted was to hold you

Take away your pain

But I couldn’t hold onto you

And stay sane

So many people want to blame

When the cycle keeps going

They just chose to be the same


I hope it’s all worth hurting me

She’s just like you

So go ahead

And throw away years of our history

Could of had a fairytale everyone could see

But I still can’t believe the way you purposed to me?

Didn’t even bother to get on one knee

Told me to tell your friend

Make her angry with jealousy

I didn’t know whether to cry or feel happy

Felt like I was just a pawn in your game

Now I see

It was never going to become reality

So many wounds

But I’d rather be

Alone, than lay down with a lie

Who can never admit they hurt me?

And only dry the tears in their eyes.

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