IMG_20190222_204807_362.jpgThey all said they would never leave

Now she’s in her own company

Crawling on her knees

When all she did was try to please

In the end

Had to choose her own sanity

They all said she was a beautiful sight to see

Now she’s hiding, so let her be

Holding onto serenity

All she did was try to lead

Them back to sweet reality


Now she’s at a crossroad

Few will ever know

It’s cold, but there is no snow

Now she’s walking into the dark

Few dare to go

It’s scary,

But she already knows how the wind blows


They all said they would leave

Now she’s handing back the keys

Feeling stuck inside, with no breeze

All she did was try to please

But in the end

Owing them fees

They all said she wasn’t good enough to be

All they could love in sanctity

So she went away

And now they follow, afraid to see

What she becomes with some clarity. ❤

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