Lookin’ For the Queen?

Y’all lookin’ for the queen

But she dropped that

Ain’t no princess either

So stop that

I was just trolling

Whatcha think about that?

Little fire breathing gang

Can’t even write crap?

Their out here with their fake glocks back

But I could lift em by their ears

Til they cry in my lap

I can’t hear you?

But I really bet

You’re out running your mouth

Drunk, on those percocets

So go ahead & play your one song set

Got you trapped with my iced net

Now it’s your turn living with debt

I see the sweat pooling around your neck

Think it’s so funny after we met

Just once, you tried to make me fret

Decided to act like you know me

Based off the internet

Didn’t realize my will power was a threat

Better take your little dragons to the vet

Overdue for a checkup I really bet

Had to hate, instead of have a duet

You’re like the Cardi B’s, I’m like the doja cat’s

Go ahead, light that cigarette

You’ll need the nicotine

If I show my silhouette

I wish you would unplug your ethernet

Your fans can’t even say the alphabet

Grown woman, attracting a teenage mindset

Trying to bully those with any social etiquette

I’m like the mp3 of the future

While you’re still a cassette

One thing for sure

You better go turn in your range rover

Cuz the repo man is coming for your four leaf clover

So lucky, you didn’t do plenty

Sitting back, trying to write rhymes

Spelling hunny, hunty?

So go pick up a dictionary,

before trying to make fun of me….

Hot mess, thinks she’s the best

Cuz she’s got a game face smile & big chest

Only will get you so far, so give it a rest

Overplayed like a boring game of chess

Fire breathing, but she ain’t seeing

She’s attracting the ugliness

She claims to not believe in

Any competition, and she will get even

Instead of supporting, she’s an angry bein’

Half the time it’s for no reason

Got her little hackers in the back, scheming

To keep her on the top,

But I wait for the treason

That’ll expose her as a fire breathing demon

Made us all feel so cold,

But it’s you who will be left freezing

It may be spring,

But it’s not your season. 😋😙😉

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