It Seems

It seems

You think you can run from the past

But you see

It ain’t no breeze

Being a version of my dichotomy

No class, just brash

I wish you’d study some psychology

Look up narcissist

You don’t fall far from the tree

Putting down the empathetic ones in your vicinity

Acting like I will fall for your gaslighting toxocity

But I see

Had me walking on clouds of dust

Afraid to fight for me

But I will always be enough

To the ones who chose love over your fallacy

Good luck being a diamond amongst the roughs

Don’t ever at me

Until youre ready to call out your own bluff

I’ve done enough introspection for both of us

You don’t care about the pain you caused all of us

Trying to act tough

Oh, trying to act so tough

Ohhh yeah, I’m free

Feels nice no one can bother me

Ohhh yeah, I’ll be me

Feels nice no one around to blame me

And it seems

You think you can ruin all of us in your clutch

But you see

you ran into the trap you set for me

Now youre stuck being a part of my anthology

Maybe someday you can get your clout in my biography

And I know you come back around

Just to read like a clown

Lift up your bottle

then put it down

Trying to act like you don’t shoot rounds

When we were a step away from wearing crowns

But go ahead, play in the playground

I might show up for a showdown

But I’ll just smile back at your frown

Because you never were able to hold me down…

Ohhhh yeah

I’m free

No one around to bother me

Ohhhh yeah

I can sleep

No one around to not care about me

Ohhhh yeah

I hope your dreams

Wake you up to no sight of me

Ohhh yeah

You cut deep

But I still have the best parts of me

Still have the best parts of me:

Me. 💜

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