Had a Dream

Had a dream I almost saved you

But in the end

I saved me

Falling staircases was all I could see

You, slowly

Falling away from me

With a chosen insanity

Feeling so empty

So cold to be

Watchin’ you fall into vanity

Everything is my fault you said to me

While sippin’ on a bottle of Hennessey

My tears silently coming down

With such a sad sight to see

You destroying yourself so naturally

Having so little energy

Not even remembering what you said to me

Treated me like a peasant

Not a majesty

While I tried to be

your fantasy

Wish it had some gravity

But you always get rid of me

Over a tongue of lies

What a tragedy

And soon you’ll see

I’m not a star

But a galaxy

Not going to ever wake up

In your version of reality

Facing the trauma

Alone you see

Done being tough

When you broke me

Not afraid to crush your fake fantasy

Came out enough

Now I’m your worst enemy

With all this empathy

Hate brings nothing but toxicity

Had a dream I almost saved you

But in the end

I saved me

Running people was all I could see

You choosing to burn me

With a mind full of vengeance

What a sight to see

Really burning all your misogyny

Treating women like their nothing

But a trophy

How alone it was to be

Feeling like you wanted me partially

Not emotionally

Could have a narcissistic personality

Maybe sociopathic tendencies?

Either way

It’s not for me to see

Hope you find what turns you into

A fantasy

And not a catastrophe

Cuz your smiles radiates such energy

But your darkness could destroy the world’s gravity

But I’d still love you

Even if I had to take my last breath

Even if it meant no more happiness.

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