Don’t Give in to Anger

Alright. So life can become very weird when you have a bunch of dysfunctional people around you. And really a person has only two ways to react: anger or just to laugh at it. I personally am past the anger stage at this point as it only fuels dysfunctional people who desire power over your emotions. It’s really quite a juvenile game to play and I see the most vulnerable of people having to endure it while going through a storm in their lives. I see this mob attack mentality in real life and on social media. I tell those who are going through it, you are stronger than those who have to resort to attempting to control or bring you down. My word of advice: If you can look back and laugh they cannot win. Why? Because they can no longer cause cortisol to run rampant throughout your body until you want to lie around like a sloth. Haha.

Myself, however should be sloth-like because I am going through surgery after surgery and for reasons I don’t want to say I need rest now. Like, right now. To anyone who wants to object they can take their dysfunctional mentality right out of my life and bring it to someone else. My boundaries are set like the great wall of China at this point. I have archers shooting arrows at anyone in a mile long radius of my now protected empire of self. Anyone who thinks differently can go jump on their own ego train, out of my life and into the log upon the tracks that awaits them for having such an ego. Haha. I really don’t want any weird dysfunctional people near me. Thanks. I don’t want to try to have superpowers I cannot obtain either in attempt to make some happy. Not my fault you reside in a self-induced, lack of empathy or boundaries state of mind.

Shall I learn how to levitate for all those who want me to hurry up and get out of the way at the store? Shall I just attached some go go gadget blades upon my head so I can fly over everyone and avoid the constant conversations consisting of: how long is this going to take to heal, you’ve been doing this forever. Haha. Or my favorite (added sarcasm on my part): look at you! You lazy, golddigging woman going through extensive surgeries! No crap this kind of garbage was said to me as I attempted to counteract their misceptions while hobbling upon one leg. I should have just started crawling around saying I’m trying to be Bill Gates with one leg down, no sleep possible, but there’s no time for rest! Haha. Dis is Merica’! Where some pride themselves in a rest is for pansies mentality. Well, I urge some of you to research what only two days of a lack of sleep does to the brain. It’s quite fascinating and terrifying at the same time. A sort of alternate state of consciousness comes about. Most people can develop terrible mood swings, memory issues, paranoia and a lack of solving basic math problems.

I had numerous toxic relationships where sleep deprivation was common. Combined with my physical issues it was like being in an experiment. Whether it was unintentional or intentional when it comes to these past people doesn’t concern me but what was interesting was what happened to me. My experience has been eye opening and should serve as a warning to those who either live with people affecting their sleep or have ailments doing so. Perhaps both? Regardless I cannot stress enough how important sleep and rest is especially if you healing.

Do not listen to those who fail to understand what you are going through while having a sleep pattern disrupted. Or while trying to recover from a health issue in general honestly. Do not listen to those who attempt to rush your recovery either. They are not doctors, mentors, or have your best interests in mind if you are continually viewed as a burden. You are a human being, with beautifully crafted cells of resilience.

I think we need to start treating the sick, the poor and the hungry with a bit more respect regardless of our perceptions on how they got there. They say most Americans are one step away from losing it all, so keep that in mind when health care costs are absolutely ridiculous. Keep in mind most cannot afford what was once the American dream without living an overworked, sleepless nightmare. So be kind to those who are struggling for it could be you someday. Be kind to everyone even if it seems like they have nothing to give. Some of the richest souls aren’t made of money.

Thank you for reading.

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