Miss Scapegoat

She is crutching and waiting for the man who pretends he is everything. The man who acts like a knight in shining armor but really has no armor and no training. This time, she is ready to combat his facade. The one he wears at the expense of an easy prey. And the ugliness in this type of person beams like the sun does through their eyes, then reflects as if it is unable to reach their soul.

Although it can be disappointing, she is awake to the evil in this world. It isn’t down below but rather running rampant over the sick, poor, and vulnerable. Trampling, silencing, and blaming them all for their misfortune.

There is nothing more hysterical than the way this type twists everything wrong about themselves into being about everyone else. Projection at its finest. Just watch how they are prancing around with grown up clothes but carrying a childlike brain. She pities you all. The way you chose a scapegoat to sacrifice like it’s some kind of ritual. Was she supposed to be your sacrifice in a ritual? Seems so. Haha, it didn’t work out as you all planned huh? Part of me thinks some of you wanted to see her all broken, helpless, and lying in a ditch. Such nice men and women to want to attack one woman from all angles in order to decimate her stability. Lie, lie, lie all you desire but the truth will write your future.

Speaking of lies. So many lies have been said about her, she can’t even keep track of them all. All said so they can get away with wrongdoings. Even going so far as to lie about her being somewhere she wasn’t. It’s okay. Maybe she will just walk around with a camera as her own alibi. She doesn’t need anyone, just her intelligence and good ol’ boundary-less technology. Haha. Maybe she will turn her life into the Truman show since some have chosen such a sad existence to live that she has to protect herself every step of the way. So kind for some to find others to blame for their choices and immoral behavior. Now she isn’t around, did you find your next tight knit community scapegoat?

Sorry if you haven’t. The one legged, abandoned girl made the ultimate prey, huh? She literally couldn’t get away, haha. Well you all thought she couldn’t but her willpower and adrenaline decided to kick into overdrive. So much so her bones crunched and shifted but like a superhero she kept going. She kept running from all the false faces while a pain few could imagine, resided in her heart and toes. So go ahead and try to change the narrative of her life, her last days of being stuck in an abyss before escaping. Go ahead, try to blame it all on her but just know no one deserved what she endured: to carry her broken mind on broken feet. So leave her abandoned like so many did a thousand times before. She’s not your scapegoat anymore.

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