Dorothy and the Flying Monkeys

Some of you are misguided flying monkeys, led by a wicked male witch who wants control over women. Just know, you will never turn Dorothy into one of your monkeys or dolls, haha. She was never meant to be near your power play antics or your ruined castle. If you keep trying, it just makes you look more sinister so fly away on your perch until you are requested by your master to do his bidding. Go ahead and try to take down her support system but in the end, Dorothy will always be made of better moral fiber. She is not perfect but she is nothing like you all who get your jollies off of manipulating other people for control. She is not owned by your male witch, your group of minions, or your town. She is owned by herself only so believe me when I say if you continue you are dumb. Leave Dorothy alone you misogynistic cult, haha. Take your hillbilly, 50’s era, women can’t spell antics, and read this: you don’t own any woman. Maybe try to be a kind, loving, moral, faithful man and you can craft a meaningful relationship. Bahahaha. Now take your monkeys and fly away, Dorothy wants to be left alone. 😉

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