Some People Have a Lack of Boundaries

I don’t know if anyone else noticed but for the past few years it has become normalized to have no boundaries. Hate to break it to those who use social media in toxic ways, but it is not normal to have friends online who don’t give two hoots about you in person. So much so they cannot even say hi in person. It’s not normal to broadcast every crevice of your life, your children, your coffee, your breakups, and your makeups to people who have no boundaries and/or questionable motives. Am I the odd one out for thinking this way? I suppose, but a lack of healthy boundaries could lead to problematic situations. Could lead to people having misconceptions, judgments, mob attacks, and giving power over to those who don’t deserve it. It’s silly.

Those who “know” too much can use this in negative ways. They can gossip, manipulate and infer quite the assumptions about your life based upon a crafted profile. They might think you are walking around crapping unicorns and rainbows when you can even pass a bowel movement in the morning. Haha.

This whole concept of just showing our best moments in general is problematic. It dehumanizes the natural human experience and when everyone starts to follow this procotol it normalizes an unrealistic reality. No wonder some people feel depressed or anxious after being on social media. There is a strong feeling of having to live up to an image that is in a way, unattainable. No one wants to play droid. Deep down we all crave authenticity.

No one wakes up every day blissful, not constipated, runs to a blender to prepare juice, and works out like a machine. And if you have kids, it isn’t just a walk in the park where they look like innocent little cherubs. There might be days where they smear poop on the walls, crayon your table, and need to be carried out of the store because you didn’t buy them that piece of candy. No one is perfect and has perfect days.

I urge those who start to feel as if they are an issue because their life doesn’t look like a hallmark card, to remember the models in the cards even have days where they hate themselves. Days where they pick apart every inch of their beautiful bodies, cry into a pillow, and feel immense pressure to be perfect while eating a carton of ice cream. The perfect family you see online is most likely sleep deprived, overworked, and ready to cry from the pressure of appearing like a photograph that comes in a freshly bought frame. The successful person is not always fulfilled by money, and very well could be really depressed behind that lavish lifestyle. Remember, no matter what appears online or even in person, people could be struggling with something unseen. No one is perfect as cliche as it sounds but we must learn to accept there are currently some unhealthy expectations going on in society. These are manifesting throughout social media and being thrown in our faces as a way we should all live. But it is not real. So remember to live in the moment at times, put the phone down, and not take everything so seriously. ❤

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