Miss Radio Silence

She tried so hard to be your doll. She tried so hard to stand up tall while your “friends” tried to tear her down. Where were you to defend your woman? Where were you when they made up lies? Where were you when they decided not to help her sit down? Where were you? Too busy putting all the wrong people on pedestals.

Mister can’t be alone. Mister has to be accepted. Mister I do whatever my friends want me to. Mister I let people use me but I point fingers at someone who actually needs help. Mister playing the nice guy to all the wrong people.

You fell for it. Their games. They lied to your face about your true love then tried to have her later. Men would kill to have a woman look at them the way I looked at you.

Congratulations, you let them win. Tell you blatant lies as you believed them and punished her instead. Well, they didn’t win because she will never answer now. She’s Miss radio silence. There is nothing left to say. You will always trust the wrong people so her words mean nothing.

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