Dancing in the Street Lights

I saw him

Dancing in the street lights

He was drunk

One second away from a fight

Over a woman he thought cared

Then I saw him

At a distance

He was still drunk

Full of resistance

And I almost cried

At all the darkness in his eyes

They tried to speak to me

But to no surprise

He had no words left to say

My heart sank into the depths

Imagining his face without all the sadness

What could have been

Now stood in the shadows

As he let go of my hand

But the road had to end

It was all pretend

As he chose the bar

Over me

In the end

He chose to lift off one knee

But I was happy

To let him go

For all I know

I was one of many

He said he didn’t know

Nothing special

Little me

Stuck in a crowd full of empty people

You’d rather see

Oh, little me

Stuck in a crowd full of lost people

You’d rather see.

(Music to this soon) 😉

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