The Beastmode Man

The beastmode man does whatever he can to try to make me not speak the truth. The beastmode man thinks money will make him more complete than love. He tried to speak about living it up around palm trees and beaches to make me jealous; but I would rather have the forest trees than the exaggerated fantasy he tells us. It’s more like a nightmare, full of intimidation and fear. He really doesn’t want anyone near, so he will blame you instead my dear. Just don’t fall for the game, sit in a sad existence where I did the same. Time can fix where someone places blame and it’s never entirely on their own name. So in a way I pity the claim, deflection can drive any person insane. Don’t be the reflection in his mirror, otherwise his eyes will never see it clear. Don’t risk yourself for too long, sometimes you have to leave to make him strong. ❤

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