The Fool’s Tongue

Can’t help but notice the fool’s tongue has an impediment

Words whisked away by all those left in cement

All those who spoke against your falsely written testament

Those tired minds, regret everything they once repent

You led with a false hand, created a indoctrinated settlement

Full of the lost living in a maze

Designed to end up in a cage

Forged from the puppet master’s desire to enslave

And he lured all the sheep to drink

Only to drain the water

Now they no longer blink

Covered all the bodies up so no one would think

So you couldn’t see the massive slaughter

While their pockets filled up, no one hardly bothered

Afraid to ask questions and ponder

About those who took an oath

But fed us false honor

Justice always prevails when the right mind wanders

I’ll come out when it feels right

I’ll stick my toe in and if it’s cold I might

Wait for the sun to come out

Avoid they’re kind of night

nightcrawlers up with their eyes so hollow

looking for a fight

So I cannot swallow

Their false selves

Make them well

Instead they chose a kind of he**

But I chose heaven

I chose heaven.

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