No One in Sight

There was no one in sight. Just the sight of loss so big it could have squashed the entire universe with its eyes. She bled, she laughed manically, raised her fists in anger, then bled again. The once pretty pink bathroom was now the darkest shade of red. She sat in it for hours, crying over the toilet, imagining where it went through the pipes. Imagining it going with the rest of lost souls who ever had a chance, clinging onto the metal, and trying to get back to her.

You son of a….then she stopped. So exhausted, hate wasn’t even a possibility anymore. She could plan so many revenge plots in her mind but it didn’t matter. It would only destroy her more. Besides, he would be his own undoing in a matter of time. And maybe she would be lucky enough to see the fall of a man who couldn’t care for anyone but himself. Maybe then he would realize the harm he has inflicted upon others. She no longer cares if it was intentional or not. Eventually she hope it will just stop. Just stop, and good can prevail.

She was alone now but it was better than not being loved. He already found another bar girl to take home before she even moved out. She was just one of many it seemed, now living in the remnants of a kind of hell he left behind. She sat in the pink bathroom for a while, waiting for the walls to become bright again. Filled up the tub, cleaning every inch of herself until he was no longer a piece of her.

So many parts were broken now but she slowly started fixing each one. She gained weight, ate with ease, and hugged her cats. Her clothes no longer reeked of a smoke-filled house but like fresh daisies. And nothing mattered but saving herself now. Nothing felt the same the night the bathroom turned red. Perhaps those lifeless eyes were meant to open hers but she still wishes she could have been the savior. And that thought will linger for a lifetime in her mind but will never even cross his.

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