The Fallen Angel

In the end what is lost is lost. There is no getting it back between the fires lit to watch her burn. She has now become the embers, her wings turning white then red. And her reddish glow will be seen by all those who move with fear in their hearts. Watch them run from the pain they cause others. They created a demise out of their putrid smelling tongues. Then easily infected the already diseased with thoughts that led to nothing but the destruction of humanity through the destruction of compassion.

She is like a fallen angel. Sent to fight the vile which walks upon this earth with a different kind of vile. All the while knowing she will be sent to the same abyss. Her wings partially clipped until the battle comes. Her eyes sullen but waiting to be filled with such a wrath, that evil will see it as a sweet end. Reap what you sow she whispers as they part like the seas for all the fallen angels. But for now, their walk will be tiring. It’s as if an invisible weight is wrapped around their ankles for an eternity. She will watch and wait to release the chains as they did to her. And when she does, freedom will not be granted, but rather placed under the chin so a sweet smell with tease their senses until the smell of rotting flesh follows. Their future will be filled of rot before the devil even takes their soul forever. For all the suffering they have caused, they will suffer a thousand times more in hell.

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