Good Luck

Good luck finding the one crawling through fire

Mister no real desire

Transparent liar

Misogynistic dog

In a selfish smog

Then dust comes up

Falls like fog

Can’t smell your own dirt

Can’t face who you hurt

False validating his self worth

So he closes the curtain

Pretends a rebirth

Same old cycle

Self-destructive curse

Might as well prepare the hearse

Such a sad life to live with a toxic thirst

Such loyalty to give

To those who want to watch you burst

Right into flames

In flames

It’s all the same

Run to the bar

Find a girl to claim

Love bomb her

Then tell her she’s all to blame

When you pretend with the same ol’ game

Good luck finding the one crawling upon the sun

Mister no real fun

Transparent rerun

Deflection by megatons

In a road now undone

Designated for done

Thinks he always won

But can’t see the hate from everyone

Such a sad life to end before it begun

Away from the love you shun

Now you can live the lies in the web you spun

I’m fine being no one…

To you.

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