Liar Liar Mind on Fire

I want to be someone’s muse

Not lose

So get my clues

As I prepare this rocket fuel

Blast into I galaxies far away from you

I’m not your second best

I’m the first

But the others don’t get the pretense

Cuz’ you fed them nonsense

So I put on my space helmet

Block the sound of your yell

Glass too thick I can’t even tell

What you’re saying

While ringing your invisible bell

Liar, liar, pants on fire

Walking on a tightrope wire

Liar, liar, mind on fire

When confronted, always spitfire

Liar, liar hands on fire

Always touching everything he desires

Can’t get off the high horse he aspires

To ride in green pastures

Now turned to fire

I’d rather be hated for who I am

Not lose

Myself in someones master plan

That wouldn’t last a lifespan

Rather go to Mars with a Neanderthal man

Plant my own seeds in a plot of sand

Have no parachute on command

So stay far away from me when I land

You could never fulfill my demands

Selfish man from the homeland

Go back to your wasteland

Back to your wasteland.

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