Few Understand

Few understand a love like hers. She can be as soft as an angel and as outspoken as a protective beast. She can be the sun and the rain; but she will never hide the dark clouds. Hiding the dark clouds is something most people do, to appear as bright as the sun only to end up diminishing their light. Don’t hide your true self from the world. Those who love you will love you for you, not attempt to mold you. Not buy you their favorite perfume, their favorite clothing brand, and make you lose your sense of self.

Don’t ever let anyone diminish your light. Ever. Yes, there are some who will cross your path inevitably, but their toxicity has no regular place in your existence. No one is kind who seeks to hurt the self-esteem of another person. Period. Don’t let them make you believe you deserved it, were at fault, and had no way around avoiding the toxicity. Say no to people. It’s okay to say no. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone, to meddle in the depths of your own mind, and create beauty out of nothing but your own existence. There’s no need to always be on the go, always run around like a social butterfly, and always do what people want you to do. It’s okay to rest and think about yourself once in a while.

Chances are, half the people you bowed down to will disappear when you become sick or are no longer beneficial to their needs. And don’t worry, it’s not a reflection of you but of their character. An inability to see people as human beings and have compassion for even the most vulnerable of souls. No one deserves a love which is conditional and/or company that changes colors with the seasons of your life. Find the rarest love and company, even if it takes some time. 🙂

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