He Chose the Darkness

She asked internally for him to be saved. There was an immediate answer: he can’t be. She asked why. It answered: he has chosen the darkness, he is surrounded by darkness, and he consumes the darkness.

She sat there, shedding many tears as the voice gave her a moment of silence then said: my dear, you saved yourself. You have brushed death many times, you know now what is beyond when the color will fade from your eyes. You know when a vengeful voice speaks to turn away. You know poisonious pathways and the way through. Now you can show all those who walk aimlessly how to find the beautiful voice inside their heads. For now, you rest your soul. The battle is won but you’re so humble you don’t even see the victory flag waving around you. But you know, there is energy around you protecting you now. So there is no need to worry.

But what if my heart is still with him? She asked. I saw a smile that could have lit up the whole world inside of him. Why was it extinguished?

It replied, sometimes some people shine so bright they attract the darkest of nights. Sometimes they can not escape, so they become like supernovas, only to burn out at the end.

Why am I not like a supernova?

Because you fought to protect everything around you and were rewarded by the laws of nature, my dear. So be proud of your strength for once and don’t let anyone hurt you or the things that unconditionally love you ever again. 😪

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