Wheels and the Disablers Part One

For years Miss Wheels suffered, wondering what was wrong with her feet. She went to many podiatrists, who failed to see an obvious issue. The health care system in her country was problematic to say the least. But Miss Wheels had every kind of insurance at some point and ended up with the same realization: if a doctor has no capacity for empathy enough to listen to the patient, they cannot heal the patient.

Miss Wheels will never forget driving home with blood seeping on the outside of her sneakers. She asked if someone should drive her home, and they didnt suggest it. It was that be a tough person mentality that seemed to have infiltrated the minds of everyone. People seemed like droids in a field which needed to steer the furthest away from droid-like behavior.

She “toughened up” though. More like shouldn’t have listened to those who couldn’t imagine what it would feel like driving after being stabbed with needles the size of her entire shin. The pain was excruciating, a needle pierced into the arches of her feet that was so long it appeared as if it could reach passed her ankle. Wheels didn’t expect this, haha. Like a scene infused with special effects, blood squirted out on the doctor’s clean jacket. She laugh like a manic depressive who just got released from a psych ward. Wheels left in a state of shock, blood filling up her shoes as she drove home.

Wish I would have prepared for this. Wish I had a ride. Oh well. Another pair of shoes down, not a bad thing. She thought.

Miss Wheels felt better for a little bit but the pain was always there. Some people were “awesome” as well. The old stories from older people were priceless. Well, when I was younger they just ignored your pain and you went to work fifteen hours a day, dragging your leg around like a sack of potatoes. Also the people who would say: well, maybe you should try not to focus on it. It will just magically go away and there will be flying unicorns around you as well. Haha. Oh, and don’t forget about those who think every doctor is correct you see so there is no need for a second opinion. But the same people shop around for a veterinarian. Haha.

Miss Wheels was full of self-doubt from all these toxic people around her, but she knew something was seriously wrong deep down. She felt it and still feels it every single night.

It’s sad some people want to shut off the reality of other people’s suffering. She thought. It’s hard enough not knowing what is wrong for years, finding out no one listened, and then realizing you were right all along. Why didn’t I trust my own mind and body trying to warn me? Now all I have for now are wheels. Wheels turning literally and figuratively.

She was sad. She was angry. She was feeling silenced. All the people who failed her were lined up inside her mind.

I just wish I could throw milkshakes at each one but they would knock me off my wheels, probably. I need a squad like I used to have in college. We didn’t enable one another but disabled one another’s behavior. We never let each other suffer at our own hands or other people’s. We were empowering together and disabled the toxic forces that threatened the world.

And that’s when she decided it was time to reach out. To those original faces in the past or find those who could embody their type of spirit. To find those who she knew would help fulfill her milkshake dreams. 😁

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