Wheels and the Disablers Part Two

Physical therapy felt like a waste of energy half the time but Wheels went through the motions like a droid. They gotta make money off the insurance to rub my foot for a half hour. My cat could have done a better job brushing against my leg. Oh well, haha.

The pain was excruciating at times but everyone kept pushing her on like she should go into hulk mode, rip off her shirt and yell: I’m healed instantly! Ahhhh!

You seem to be getting around nicely.

You’re not going to get better if you don’t try.

You have to start using it or you’ll lose it.

Hush up. Now the narrator has to step in it feels. Enough already. Half of these people wouldn’t last a day in her shoes without popping massive amounts of pain killers and getting kidney damage. I’m the narrator and this garbage talk is enough to make me want to minimize all the critics problems. How does it feel when someone dismisses you? Anyways, back to Miss Wheels, haha. Sorry. I’m angry for her.

Miss Wheels thought she was at the finish line of a long marathon where she crawled around on her knees like a determined cripple. All the toxic American work ethic crowds cheering her on: just beat the heck out of yourself until you can join our capitalistic rat race! Then maybe you’ll never walk again! Whew!

Well, turns out Wheels was right. She was so influenced by this go get it culture, she was trying to walk on a bone that wasn’t fused. What a pansy, right? Haha.

We gotta put you back in the cast. I’m so sorry. The doctor said with a disappointed look.

Screw me. Wheels thought. Why am I stuck in a cycle?

We won’t even get into it. The people who caused her healing process to go haywire aren’t even worth writing about. In fact, they are so sick they probably relish the fact the crowd spilt her lip with the handlebars of her scooter. And how most everyone treated her like an object to be stepped over. The same kind of hipster crowd that preaches help the disabled but then tramples them at events to get a picture of the lamest pop band with one hit. Haha.

Have fun fixing your karma. Wheels thinks. It may take a lifetime. Glad I stood up for myself in the end. Glad it was entertaining for you all to injure a person while screaming social justice on your Facebook profiles. Fake social justice warriors ruining it for the real ones with your Starbucks coffee. And don’t forget daddy’s money to sneak you into the best college. Just be glad my real friends weren’t there. Maybe next time they will be. Maybe next time they’ll step on each one of your toes for every time you stepped on mine. Or maybe we’ll just bring milkshakes! And flags saying disabled people have a right to enjoy events! Apparently, your parents or your kind decided it was a good idea to kick the vulnerable while their down. Well, you deserved the public humiliation you asked for. Don’t act like trash, if you want respect! Wheels thought as she went to bed in agony, but knowing those kind of people have to live their karma every single day they look in the mirror. Haha.

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