A little Fun Out of a Trashy Proposal

I hope the bar kinda love was worth it

Lying men deserve it

Don’t come around here

Like Tom Petty would say

Your trash smells from a mile away

Screwed everyone in town

But no one can keep you down

Put a ring on my finger

In the ultimate clown

Kind of way

Passed it over the cup holder, then you said hey?

Make my best friend jealous in every way

I didn’t even know what to say

Thought you were joking in a typical insensitive way

Never would have married you

Oh, the white trash proposal that day



No wonder we clashed

It was such trash

Go past my laugh

Rather deal with my own wrath

Have fun dealing with the aftermath

Of bar sleezies and your past

I just laugh

Now I just have to laugh



I hope her coke aged face was worth it

Looks like she’s in her late twenties

But barely pushing past her twenty first, and

She’s got that dumbfounded look

Errr, so observant

An adolescent like mind

So attractive to a adult person?

Eyes so squinted she can barely see into her oversize purse

Everyone has had her at her worst

You just had to go and quench your thirst?

Next day you’re begging me to stay

It was probably the worst

Love you ever had

Now she’s made you mad

Have fun dating yourself

Really its sad

Hope you gave her my necklaces

Cuz she’ll need something classy

To get rid of that sweat off her neck

After she screws all of your buddies

Such a trashy story, it’s funny

Now I’m grateful I can turn it into comedic history.

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