Crumbling into Empowerment

It won’t be funny

When I start to crumble

Like a sculpture that once had

Everyone in awe of its beauty

Being slowly eroded by a bay

Hands and feet first to go

Feeling like death

When the wind blows

Turns me to ashes

Ask God to take me, I know

I try to be grateful

But I need heaven

Too many foes

Are around this town

Trying to keep me down

Don’t want to see me smile

Only happy when I frown

All because the fake clowns

Think they’re justified

While acting like hounds

Really shackled by their own ways to bound

All of the silent pretty voices

Afraid to make a sound

Afraid to make a sound


And this was all meant to destroy me

But I’m still trying to stand

Please ignore me

I have the right to tell my story

And be in command

Inbetween this epitome

Of what you left of me

Broken feet and fallac memories

Oh, broken feet and fallac memories


It won’t be funny

When I start to cry

I’m fighting the pain

And don’t know why

Sometimes I look right up to the sky

Looking for Angels

Heaven knows I try

This situation is killing me inside

Insides feeling like they’re burning alive

Glad I found others who don’t want to hide

They keep me going in the darkest of times

So spread your light like a beacon of strength

Oh, don’t forget to dry your tears

They say are fake

No one can ignore us together

We’ll send a quake

Through this mad world

Disarm those who spread hate.

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