Mister Narcissist

Mister narcissist

Can’t get enough

Goes to the pharmacist

But can’t get enough

Starts a business

Still can’t resist

Leaving town

Spending money

Until he’s penniless

Asks his Daddy

For more benefits

Fakes he’s a perfectionist

Mister narcissist

Blames everyone he dismissed

Such a love bombing arsonist

To all the girls in town

Can’t understand why I resist

His fake antics

Knowing everything he said

To the plastic people he hangs with


And there will come a day

When you’ll fade away

Like a forgotten memory

As I sift through your decay


Mister narcissist

You have done this

To every woman you ever kissed

Mister narcissist

Can’t exist

Without being a succubus

Gaslighting your mind

So it looks like a contortionist

Says you should go see a psychiatrist

While he drinks his wine

Blames all of this

On women’s pettiness

So he can waste his own time

Being blind

Like a narcissist

Oh, like a narcissist.

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