Someone with the Devil Inside

I hope it’s nice out there

Sun shining here

Despite your rainy clouds everywhere

Some days it’s just too much to bear

Left with a thousand wounds from you

Acting like you’d always care

I swear you’ll never shed a tear

For how many women you left

Living in fear

How many days will you go?

With that evil glow

Someday it’ll blow

Yes, I swear you were a demon of some kind

Still trying to take away pieces of mind

But hold up, I ain’t blind

Had a good heart

But will never mess with your kind

So keep running your mouth

To all the fools you had hanging on a shelf

And I’m so glad I didn’t marry you

Rather crawl on my knees

Until they turn the deepest blue

You’ve probably already had a few

Not just beers, but people

Who end up not liking you

Cuz’ no one wants a fake fool

Living like a teenager

Acting like it’s cool, Haha

The jokes been on you

It’s on you

Go ahead try to escape

What mistakes you made

But you seal your own fate

Sitting outside the pearly gates

Burning alive

It’s no surprise

You’ll end up depised

No one wants to be beside

Someone with the devil inside

Someone with the devil inside.

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