I Refuse To Be

I refuse to be

The villian in your history

Evil in your dichotomy

I refuse to be

The one who infected thee

When the world you chose was a mystery

And I can see

What’s ahead of me

it’s better than

a gaslit reality

And it’s so sad to see

You seek revenge on me

Rather than say sorry

When I wake up

And the sun hits my skin

I go to the mirror

Now see what I have within

You can go ahead

Think you can win

I refuse to be

The devil in your story

I refuse to be

You’re unfinished poetry

You’re pushing forty

Got plenty after thee

But not many of quality

Doesn’t astound me

So contradictory

Treated me like an accessory

Bought all us the same scent I see

But I’d rather have the simplicity

Of being who I want to be

And find someone who will love only me

For just me.

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