She sits alone. Once again, all alone. The sound of her most loyal company waits: an obese squirrel she overfed. It has all her interest but at times it doesn’t seem to care. Just like some people, it eventually just expects what it has always been given then taking everything for granted. And all the rest of the squirrels it fights off, take their weary, underweight bodies to the ground below to live off his scraps. They look up at his beast-like nature, partially in awe and partially filled with resentment as if to say: how does he not realize what he has?

So odd how the world works in this way, and how much you can learn about human beings by observing animals. You give your attention to another living creature and it becomes almost as if it is just there. Like an object, just there for the taking. So sad how it seems to work this way with most creatures that barely seem to notice they don’t breathe like those who are truly alive. Like those who would rather breathe life into others than focus upon what they can receive out of it. Treating people like 401 k’s, like stocks, like their only worth is how many dollars they have in their bank account.

I’m just in an out of this world mentality. I don’t mentally reside in the malls, the fancy car, and the expensive events. Something in me has changed due to suffering. Due to being the squirrel on the ground, looking at all the ones above me for too long and deciding I’m okay with being down here with the forgotten. It has turned me into an appreciative, resourceful, empathetic, relatable, and humble human being. No money, no objects, and no person with a higher status can take this away from me. They’ve tried but failed in the end because I would rather have nothing than lose myself to what I perceive is a threat to the most beautiful souls in the world: inequality.

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