Toxic Positivity and Illness

When you become sick you realize who your true friends and family are. It’s extremely isolating at times but also can be a way to transcend on your own. And when you go from literally crawling like I did on bruised knees to any kind of improvement you sort of feel like a superhero. It’s empowering to go through your own trials alone.

One thing for sure, people who have not experienced a major health crisis or chronic illness can be the most frustrating to deal with. They believe a positive attitude is like a magical pill to wellness. Yes, it doesn’t help to be depressed but some days it is a normal reaction to suffering. I think this relates to a thing I like to call toxic positivity culture. Why as a society have we determined normal emotions as a disorder? Or generally speaking as something wrong with the person? They could be responding to life events, trauma, suffering, and something you don’t even acknowledge. But why are people expected to wear a smile all the time or live in isolation? Phrases like “good vibes only” really tick me off. And I’ve found those who live behind a facade of only positive emotions eventually succumb to the inevitable negative emotions. Why? Because it’s human. There is no need to feel shame about it.

Are all songs, all artists, all cultures a happy pop like anthem? No. But we admire it all because it showcases the human condition. It’s relatable, makes us feel less guilt for not achieving this kind of perfected toxic positivity I see everywhere.

People should not try to be defined by cliche quotes on timelines. Nor should they seek validation from those who have such unattainable expectations that do not exist in reality. The truth can be unkind, painful, just like an illness but if it’s not faced it can lead to consequences like mental health crises, suicide, and a guilt induced state of mind. No one is perfect every week like the image they try to attain. No one is always smiling. So remember when you feel guilt for not fitting into the toxic positivity culture, there are others who don’t as well. And it takes courage to sit and face darkness rather than live in denial of it. ❤

2 thoughts on “Toxic Positivity and Illness

  1. Hello there! This is myy 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I
    genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?
    Thank you so much!

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