Standing on the Ashes

At night time

My eyes are blind

It smells like turpentine

Through my senses

I lost you to your glass of wine

Bottle of pills a sign

You were running from time

I cried silently

My heart in a bind

I saw a little boy

Who needed a stable mind


I forgive you

But I’ll forget you

Standing on the ashes

Of all your cigarettes

Standing on the glass

Of all your shots, I bet

All the time you spent

Running away

Will never erase the day

I left

I left


During the daytime

I open my eyes

It smells like sunshine

Through my senses

I lost you but I’m no longer second

Searching for my own piece of heaven

Only needing myself to beckon

I smile openly

My heart is here with me

No longer a little girl

Who needed a little boy to see

Why she had to leave him be

Live in his own fantasy

So she could create reality

Create a new reality.

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