Lifeless Ghouls

Think you’re getting the last laugh

When as long as you hate me

The jokes on you

Came around again to see if I’m a fool

I stared straight ahead

Playing it cool

Nothing to say to you

Go take your lack of change

Clean your suit

Save yourself

Or the universe will give you the boot?

Like you did to me, fool

Imagine being thrown out

Not knowing what to do

In such a state of shock

You didn’t know your own bone was broken in two

With your skin turning blue

So much unnecessary suffering

You know it’s true


It will find you in your dreams

Cracked your ego with your own tool

Just a sad soul

Living in a fantasy version of reality

Trying to run away from all the fallacies

At a low vibrational high school community monstrosity

Staggering around like lifeless ghouls


Think you’re winning some competition

When as long as your competing with everyone else

The trophies not for you

Came around again to see if I’m still on the pavement

But I’m staring at the cracks in the cement

Finding the flower growing amidst

The chaos that ensued

So go take your already wilting bouquet

Endless mind games with wordplay

I’m down here finding the people

Who want to stay away

From the people who enslave their next day.

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