It’s Okay

Tried to shut me up

But I grew louder instead

All those bullets built up

Turned me to lead

Lucky I didn’t burn the bed

Where your heart rests while it’s dead

But I’m still standing in this cool, dark place

I’ve gotten used to it

My friends say it’s a waste

But oh I see so clearly

All the people who have their back to me

And it’s okay

Yeah, it’s okay


Go ahead and turn back around

Avoid eye contact

Try to make me frown

None of these people are going to get me down

I just spin my chair up until it’s doesn’t come down


Tried to crack me open

But I didn’t make a sound

All those knives in my back

Turned right around

Could have played nice

But you chose the ground

Now eat the dirt

You thought was the miracle you found

I’m no longer bound

And that’s okay

Oh, it’s okay.

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