Why Happiness is Reality Minus Expectations is Unrealistic

Someone left me with this quote to ponder about. I am a firm believer every situation we go through has something to teach us; even the garbage experiences. So here’s my mic drop to those who follow this quote as if they’re some kind of deep intellectual. Haha.

Having low expectations in order to achieve fulfillment might seem like a good idea but it’s not realistic. Expectations are impossible to eliminate. To do so would be lowering your morals, standards, and inviting low energy vampires into your life. If you desire your reality to be filled with low vibrational energy go right ahead. If that’s your idea of happiness then I pity you because you’re selling yourself short. What an injustice to yourself!

Following some quote like this as if it is the answer to avoiding disappointment is avoidance of a necessary emotion: pain. Pain can transform into one of the most powerful teachers you’ll ever know. As a society, I think we have avoided feeling pain by never risking showing compassion to others out of fear of being hurt. The reality is we miss out of real connection when we avoid expectations. It’s simple. People either fulfill you or drain you. Avoiding this equation for happiness actually makes it a lot easier to make decisions in life. Yes, some of those decisions will cause yourself or others pain but it is necessary. To live by this quote is to not embrace your subconscious, which is part of who you are. These expectations can actually protect us from not settling for situations and people who are not right for our path. And once you see the whole picture, the pain of leaving things behind that do not serve you becomes less of an obstacle. Learning to preserve your own happiness in the face of obstacles threatening to uproot it, is the way to happiness. Not only are you being authentic to yourself but also to the world around you.

2 thoughts on “Why Happiness is Reality Minus Expectations is Unrealistic

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