Sullen Souls Will Smile Once Again

Can’t sleep at night

But everything’s alright

Can’t dream tonight

But it’s to spite

These nightmares


Disruptions every where

They try to hold me back

Make my thoughts unclear

But they’re not my burdens to bear

When I watch the moon

It’s singing my tune

Secrets always bloom

No stopping the truth

Always have the enemy on mute

Taking my power back

From all you fools

Played it cool

But now my anger is a tool


You walk behind me

Trying to blind me

No more rose colored glasses

I see

Illusionist memories

The illusionist’s memories

Let the pain be


Can’t wake all morning

Coffee cups over pouring

But I’m alright

Can’t stop the sadness

Because of all the madness

But I’m alright

Maybe a bit uptight

But when I see the sun

Glowing for everyone

Who ever lived in the dark

Let others steal their spark

I have faith

Truth will open the gate

All the sullen souls

Will smile once again.

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