Mister Pretend

Didn’t see it coming

Thought I was naive

I was playing chess

While you had checkers up your sleeve

Bastet came from inside of me

Egyptian mythology

Entered in my dreams

Sucked your blood until it ran clean

The gods above forgave me

Went back to who I used to be

Softer, loving

Forgiving all atrocities


You will never ascend

Mister pretend

Eventually your body will turn to dust

So I don’t have to lend

My energy

To your will

To your will

Time is on my side

While I remain still


Didn’t see it coming

Thought I was bluffing

I was playing poker

While you hit the lever for nothing

Athena emerged from inside of me

Greek mythology

Came to me in my dreams

Instead of battle, had a strategy

The wise do not speak

Know when to fight

To keep

It locked up inside

Swallow our pride

But Mister Pretend

Spins his web

Trapped in lies

Creates his show

While little they know…

The truth behind who he’s hurt.

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