Wait For Me

He says wait for me

Pitch a tent by the sea

Don’t try and come rescue me

Cause’ I’m not worth your last buoy

You filled the world with your tears for me

You swam the darkest waters until you had to flee

Now just bask in the reality

Your love is unstoppably free


She’ll cross hell for you

Cut her oxygen until she’s blue

Let you think she doesn’t have a clue

When you twist the knife in her back

For the false few

Who wouldn’t do a thing for you


He says sing to me

I miss your voice, soothing melodies

No one can carry me out of the darkness I seek

Cause I need the light you bring to me

You filled the room with air to breathe

Told the demons start paying a fee

Now rest your head on a pillow, no need to see

You fought a war against me for me.

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