Apples In Your Eyes

There were apples in your eyes

But to my surprise

Turned out to be forbidden

Poisonous inside

Branches break

Under the weight

Evil steering you away from fate

Had me following a trail of clues

Only to discover a false muse

Her lips red but hiding a bruise

Her head upright but hiding screws

In the neck


Thought it was our garden of Eden

But it wasn’t our season

All that was ripe

Has rotted today

Turned to particles

I breathe away


You were a king in my eyes

But all the lies

Turned out to cost you paradise

Forest entry denied

With inflated pride

Days go by

Like dark shorelines

With only saltwater to drink

Gave to you something divine

You shunned away all of humankind

Broke the hourglass of time

Now it’s slowly running out

Our time has run out

Planted a seed of doubt

In myself

Changed my route.

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