The Entitled Man Complex Rant (Heavily Sarcastic)

They all wait until she’s vulnerable again to try to make their predictable move. As if they’re James Bond but it’s more like an unfunny Austin Powers. Or maybe they’ll wait until they see her happy with anyone or anything else. God forbid she move on like they’ve done a billion times to her and then cried victim once the other one didn’t work out. I mean even the cat is a threat to these types. Why does she pet it so? Why is she not ignoring the cat for me? Haha. Perhaps she has more of a heart than I see in some people right now.

Who cares about my favorite color? Who cares about my needs, right? It’s always been about them it seems in the moment. And now that it hasn’t been for a while, it’s a problem. Oh here’s round two coming. Haha. Now let’s pressure her with endless texts saying everything she wants to hear to gain back our control. Let’s lie and say we will be serious soon while my entitled Man Complex self sits here and knows that isn’t the real plan. I’m using her to make other women jealous, insecure, and peacock around like I’m on the national geographic channel. The mission is now complete as he appears desirable in the end. Using her and other women to elevate the lack of real confidence he has. Underneath there’s really nothing there to offer but he expects women to sit there on a shelf. Just be quiet baby. Let me ruin your chances of finding someone who is actually emotionally available.

If you don’t accept the offer then prepare for round three of Mister Entitled Man Complex predictability. He cannot just let you go freely in peace. He might just try to wreck any relationship you try to have after him like a child throwing his toys all around because the one who rejected him is the one he wants. But really? Or is it just the ego? She’s mine! Run around telling everyone he’s so heartbroken when he never had an ounce of compassion for you. Or maybe he’ll just insult you directly or underhandedly and it is obvious projection. Leaving you with either A) Take the blame. B) Walk away wounded.

But….if you catch onto what is really going on you might leave with your dignity but you will forever be the enemy of the Entitled Man Complex crowd. Be prepared to defend your stance over and over against these types until they become exhausted zombies. Now they see you as a challenge, but in reality they’ll never be able to handle the challenge of a real relationship. Leave these types with that message ladies and never settle for a circus or a zombie apocalypse of a life.

I see too many beautiful, intelligent, and vibrant women settling for less. I hope my quirky words encourage you to do otherwise. I would also like to add if you are male and can relate to this: you deserve better as well. Thank you for reading. ❤️

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