Two Paths Diverged and They Try to Claim Both

I’m too tired to explain

All they do is complain

I’m in a different reality

They try to shift blame

Pretend online to be sane

While I psychoanalyze their brain

Then two paths diverge, they try to claim…


I’m crawling on my knees, they mock

Throw rocks

Acting justified for causing roadblocks

Every time I try to light my own fire

Projecting jealousy like it’s a new attire

Trying to clip my wings before I aspire

Pray on my downfall while being a liar

Must have a projection to fill

Too much time to kill

Misdirected hatred to spill

While claiming I’m the one who needs a pill

No medication could build them character

No redemption is left for the disparager

No one wants to be around the instigator

Time to reflect, some were never fair to her

I’m too angry to respond

All they do is a cyclically move on

I’m like a different song

Where our melodies don’t get along

They’re out of key trying to say I’m wrong

So jealous of women who are strong

Have to settle for the one who’s weak like a fawn

Prey upon them like they’re roadkill at dawn

While people like me wait for you to make a mistake

Seal your own fate behind gates

That’ll never open

To leave another dove without wings

Try to gaslight, move things

I’m setting your psyche up in flames

Had enough of all the mind games

Dimming your false light

Until you’re proven insane

It’s my time to reclaim

The will they tried to tame.

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