Nothing More Fragile Than a Memory

There’s nothing more fragile than a body
Maybe a grain of sand in the wind
But when you break it down
It’s really the same thing
Her eyes looking up at me
The color leaving her skin
Will be a memory I’ll never be able to erase
But I helped her gain closure within

Now you’re flying like a bird
Free of suffering and pain
Sorry the world failed you
It’s full of sin
But you’re a beautiful soul
And sometimes they take the good ones first
Dry your tired eyes
I’ll hold on for you
Until every fragment of my being bursts

There’s nothing more fragile than a memory
Maybe a cell the mind cannot comprehend
But when you break it all down
There’s still fragments unwilling to bend
Her hand held in mine
Withstood all the pressures of time
Her light could leave the whole world blind
Rest your soul, dear
I’ll take on the path and find
A way to give the voiceless a voice
All the pain people punish without asking why?

RIP Nana Pat. This is dedicated to her. I’ve been avoiding posting this since she passed and have been processing everything…but I feel like it needs to be shared.

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